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Top Best 10 Benefits of Cucumber

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Top Best 10 Benefits of Cucumber
(Photo : Pixa Bay) Top Best 10 Benefits of Cucumber

Cucumber is a strong alkaline food that neutralizes the acidified body.

It prevents colds and relieves fatigue and thirst.

Check out 10 main benefits of Cucumber

1. Cucumbers clear the body.

Cucumbers contain a lot of potassium. Potassium, together with sodium in the body and it gives us a role to send out.

Especially, sodium will be a good food without the cucumber for those who eat it with salt.

2. Cucumber removes swelling.

As potassium excretes waste in the body, the water exits together, so the edema is better. It also has an effect. When the body is swollen, eat the cucumber gourd and eat it.

3. Cucumbers lower their fever and thirst.

Cucumbers are hot and detoxifying, so they excel in the heat of the body. It heals fever, chills, burns, bruises.

Also, about 95% is moisture, which helps to relieve thirst.

4. Lower blood pressure and remove body waste

Cucumber is an alkaline vegetable, so taking cucumber can neutralize the body.

Potassium, which is a component of cucumber, helps sodium excretion and lowers blood pressure and expels body waste.

It also clears blood and eliminates edema.

5. Fatigue and thirst

When you consume cucumber in the heat, it releases heat, rich in minerals, and relieves thirst.

Vitamin C helps metabolism and smoothes fatigue.

6. Diet effect

The calories of cucumber are 100g of 11Kcal

Even if you eat a lot of water, 95% of the water, so calories are small, vitamins and various minerals

Because the vegetables are equally equipped, do not hurt your skin on a harsh diet diet effect can be seen.

7. Cucumber effect on alcohol decomposition and hangover

If you drink cucumber in shochu, you will get less drunk and help to relieve hangovers.

In addition, the potassium that comes out when consuming alcohol can supplement cucumber through ingestion.

8. Cucumber effect on skin cosmetic, diuretic, edema

When cucumber is ingested, it excretes sodium in the body along with moisture.

In the process, the wastes also escape, and the body becomes lonely and the blood becomes clear.

In particular, after cutting off the tap of the cucumber in the morning fast, wash it thoroughly with water,

If you add yogurt and grind to a blender, you can see many effects on edema.

9. Cucumber looses the reading.

Cucumbers have a diuretic effect.

If you eat cucumbers after drinking alcohol, alcohol will escape along with the urine and the hangover will be released.

10. Cucumber prevents cancer.

There are Cucurbitacs A, B, C, and D in the cusp of the cucumber.

Among them, Cucurbitacin C has been found to have the effect of inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.

Cucurbitacin B is also effective in hepatitis.

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